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CFSA promotes the breeding of healthy pedigreed cats.  A reputable breeder will guarantee a healthy cat/kitten, free from genetic defects and free from disease.  CFSA registered breeders agree to abide by the CFSA Breeder and Registration Rules.  

CFSA gives no representations or guarantees with respect to the breeding or business practices of any of the persons listed in the Breeder Directory.  


If you are interested in a particular breed, the breed links will provide you with a list of CFSA registered catteries for that specific breed, in alphabetical order.  


For more detail about the breeders and their catteries, feel free to contact the CFSA Registrar   E-MAIL

CFSA Persian Exotic
  • Chinchilla

  • Colorpoint

  • Exotic

  • Persian

CFSA Medium Hair Breeders
  • Birman

  • Maine Coon

  • Norwegian Forest Cat

  • Ragdoll

  • Siberian

  • Turkish Angora

  • Turkish Van

CFSA Siamese Oriental Peterbald
  • Balinese

  • Javanese

  • Oriental

  • Peterbald

  • Siamese


CFSA Foreign Breeders
  • Abyssinian

  • American Curl

  • Asian

  • Bambino

  • Bengal

  • British Longhair

  • British Shorthair

  • Burmese

  • Cornish Rex

  • Devon Rex

  • Don Sphynx

  • Dwelf

  • Elf

  • LaPerm

  • Munchkin

  • Russian

  • Scottish Fold

  • Scottish Straight

  • Selkirk Rex

  • Somali

  • Sphynx

  • Tonkinese

  • Toyger


Please note that breeder emails are being targeted by scammers in a new attempt to gain access to potential buyers. Emails are being hacked and a redirect or forwarding email has been added to accounts.

Please, all breeders, contact your email hosts and ask them to please change your passwords (and make them DIFFICULT to guess), as well as check for any forwarding email addresses, and run anti-virus on your computers.

The last known email used as a scam was – this email has been connected with various scams including yorkshire terriers on Gumtree.  For example, Stefani Liebenberg is aware her name is being used to scam people, but she is not involved in the scams.



  • Scammers often steal kitten pictures off the internet from other breeders’ websites and Facebook pages. Drop the images into Google’s image search to check that the pictures have not come from other breeders.

  • Triple check that the email address, phone number and address of the breeder corresponds with the details the registration body has – you can contact the CFSA Registrar ( to check this.

  • Take note of terminology or breeds advertised that may not apply to South African breeders. For instance “flame point” is not a standard term in South Africa. We use the term “red point”. Certain exotic wild breeds such as Savannah are not legal in South Africa and will not be freely advertised by breeders. You can find a list of terminology on the CFSA website under our Standard of Points.

  • With an email hack, the scammers will add a forwarding address and bypass the breeder receiving the email and get their FIRST to respond to you. So, for example, you may email someone on “”and get a response back from a totally different email address.

  • These guys are smart and regularly scout information from legitimate breeders so they will know how to address you, will ask the right questions and may advertise prices that are low, or seem totally NORMAL. One calling card is an exorbitant price advertised to ship a kitten. The average cost to ship a kitten is around R50 per kg (as per Mango and BidAir Cargo). It is unlikely you will pay more than R1000 for a kitten and more than R300 for shipping to major airports in South Africa (depending on the weight of the kitten and the carrier combined).

  • Before you pay any deposit/money with a breeder, make sure you have done your homework, know what to look for and be aware of the consequences! Avoid websites such as Gumtree, Locanto, Free Classifieds and OLX. Scammers are notorious for advertising on these platforms. Should you come across a scam on one of these websites, please report them to the SAP.


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