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2018 Cat of the Year Results

COTY 2018

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Results of the annual CFSA Cat of the Year event can be viewed below.  Cats/kittens compete during a calendar year for Top 10 all breeds positions in their respective divisions.  The Top 10 qualifiers are awarded National Qualifier (NQ) status and the cats/kittens in first place, is awarded National Winner (NW) status.


Special Awards are awarded on a calendar year's performance and include recognition for the top Triple Supremes, Veterans, Super Pet, Sire, Dam, Litters and Cattery of the Year.


The 2018 COTY event with the theme "Star-spangled Rose Garden" was held on 1 September 2018, at the Ekudeni Country Venue.


Follow the links below to view the CFSA top performers for the 2018 show season.

All photographs (c) Theresa Fouché and CFSA

© Theresa Fouché 2015   

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