2018 Top 10 Kittens

COTY 2018

© Theresa Fouché 2018

11th place:  Sanuk Amira My Habibi of My Kiska  I  Owned by T Foward

12th place:  Favoritebengals Be Titanium of Awesome Bengals (Imp)  I  Owned by L Kennard

13th place:  Neverwinder Golden Gaia  I  Owned by T Geyser

14th place:  Trés Jolie Enrico  I  Owned by M & I Butlion


15th place:   Trés Jolie Hugo Boss  I  Owned by M & I Butlion

16th place:  Siori Something Just Like This of LaMASKA  I  Owned by M Burger

17th place:   The Legends Kawasakiii of GeeDee  I  Owned by A Caw


18th place:  Catkin Faye of Spandau  I  Owned by W Hyman

19th place:  Colorkats Bandit  I  Owned by L Wood

20th place:  LaYen Magic Spell  I  Owned by S Venter

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