2018 Top 10 Neuters

COTY 2018

© Theresa Fouché 2018

11th place:  Yenta Aspire of Swagger Coons  I  Owned by S Prinsloo (Jnr)

12th place:  Carmandale Heavenly's Sienna  I  Owned by S Armand & A Nortman

13th place:  Esperanza Blue  I  Owned by  Köhn

14th place:  Westwood Candy Kisses  I  Owned by G Nel


15th place:  Westwood Oreo  I  Owned by  Nel

16th place:  Royalty Luigi  I  Owned by  Rademan

17th place:  Trés Jolie Chandon  I  Owned by C Danziger

18th place: Esperanza Spirited Away of Kioko  I  Owned by  N Barratt

19th place:  Silkenclaw Pug of Krydee  I  Owned by  Willemse

20th place: LaMASKA Penguin Cobblepot  I  Owned by PC & H Bekker

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