2015 Top 10 Kittens

COTY 2015

© Theresa Fouché 2015

11th place: Brettachtal's Magic In The Air of The Catwalk (Imp)  I  Owned by S Marsh


12th place: LaMASKA Fish Mooney  I  Owned by M Burger


13th place: Siori Mulan of Kioko  I  Owned by N Barratt


14th place: LaMASKA Penguin Cobble Pot  I  Owned by PC and H Bekker


15th place: Purr-n-Meow Pilar & Lucy To Twirl All Girly  I  Owned by E Bester and C Bekker


16th place: The Catwalk Lady Einstein  I  Owned by S Marsh


17th place: L’Exquisite Butterscotch  I  Owned by B Neukircher


18th place: L’Exquisite French Toast of Pearl  I  Owned by P Steyn


19th place: Ragtime Nougat  I  Owned by B Steyn


20th place: Purr-n-Meow Guelain Apres L’ondee  I  Owned by E Bester and C Bekker

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