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2023 Cat of the Year Results

COTY 2023

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Results of the annual CFSA Cat of the Year event can be viewed below.  Cats/kittens compete during a calendar year for Top 10 all breeds positions in their respective divisions.  The Top 10 qualifiers are awarded National Qualifier (NQ) status and the cats/kittens in first place, are awarded National Winner (NW) status.


Special Classes are awarded on a calendar year's performance and include recognition for the top Triple Supremes, Veterans, Super Pet, Sire, Dam, Litters and Cattery of the Year.


The 2023 COTY event with the theme "On that note ..." was held on 7 October 2023, at Batter Boys, Pretoria


Follow the links below to view the CFSA top performers for the 2023 show season.

Photographs (c) Natasha Greaves Photography
Some photos by owners or other photographers

© Theresa Fouché 2015   

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