2016 Top 10 Males

COTY 2016

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11th place: SC Watachi-Tachi Rashad of Isis"KZ (Imp)  I  Owned by M Kruger and P Paterson

12th place: SC ShakesPURR Sigh No More Ladies, NW  I  Owned by H Röhrs

13th place: SC Silversheen Neo Joe  I  Owned by A Pretorius

14th place: SC My Kiska Narciss Flower  I  Owned by T Foward

15th place: TSC Brettachtal's Frank Sinatra of The Catwalk, NQ (Imp)  I  Owned by S Marsh

16th place: SC Kissiopeia Nova Fire Fox of Kioko (Imp)  I  Owned by N Barratt

17th place: SC Li & Lo Jocko  I  Owned by E Bekker

18th place: SC Carmandale Simba of Purr-n-Meow  I  Owned by E Bester and C Bekker

19th place: GC Artekatz Yahoo  I  Owned by C Powell

20th place: TSC PL*Amibial Sun Boy of Swagger Coons (Imp)  I  Owned N and S Prinsloo

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