2017 Top 10 Pets

COTY 2017

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11th place: Kiara, NQ  I  Owned by S Prinsloo

12th place: Sparky, NQ  I  Owned by J May

13th place: Mia  I  Owned by L McGregor

14th place: Cami I  Owned by A Botha


15th place:  Minxy  I  Owned by J May

16th place: Vinchek  I  Owned by C Haarhoff

17th place: Her Royal Fluffness Sassy Von Steckner  I  Owned by C Steckner


18th place: Sir Oliver  I  Owned by A Botha

19th place: Seth  I  Owned by A Botha

20th place: Dexter The Survivor  I  Owned by T Foward

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