2017 Top 10 Females

COTY 2017

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11th place: Trés Jolie Caprice  I  Owned by C Danziger

12th place: Merindale Any Dream'l Do of Neverwinter  I  Owned by T Geyser

13th place: Kalame Jehoshebe of Milord of Feline Magic  I  Owned by J & F Bala

14th place: Achlin-Vé Voluptuous Venus of Serenity  I  Owned by L Kotzee


15th place:  Trés Jolie Le Ciel Bleu  I  Owned by C Danziger

16th place: Sanmuk Mia of My Kiska  I  Owned by T Foward

17th place: LaMASKA Lorelei, NQ  I  Owned by M Burger


18th place: Swagger Coons Trinity  I  Owned by N & S Prinsloo

19th place: Achlin-Vé Mon Poupee of Carmandale  I  Owned by S Armand & A Nortman

20th place: Shangri-La Nuray White Moon  I  Owned by V Wright

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