2015 Top 10 Neuters

COTY 2015

© Theresa Fouché 2015

11th place: TSP Tres Jolie Zulik  I  Owned by C Danziger and D Viviers


12th place: SP Crescendo Don Giovanni  I  Owned by A Hughes


13th place: DSP Awesome Bengals Poetry In Motion, NQ  I  Owned by A Gericke


14th place: TSC ShakesPURR's Puck  I  Owned by I du Plessis


15th place: DSP Cracker Vanity Fair  I  Owned by R van Wyk


16th place: TSP Westwood Apollo, NQ  I  Owned by H Griffiths


17th place: DSP L’Exquisite Obi-Wan-Kanobi  I  Owned by M Bornman


18th place: SP L’Exquisite Rtoo Dtoo of Tres Jolie  I  Owned by C Danziger and D Viviers


19th place: SP ShakesPURR's I Defy You Stars!  I  Owned by N van der Merwe


20th place: TSP Carmandale Heavenly's Sienna, NQ  I  Owned by S Armand and A Nortman

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