2015 Top 10 Males

COTY 2015

© Theresa Fouché 2015

11th place: SC Purr-n-Meow Oh So Heavenly Festive Sparkle, NW  I  Owned by E Bester and C Bekker


12th place: DSC L’Exquisite Chocolate Mousse of El'Vee  I  Owned by L Venter


13th place: TSC Loek-Maew Born This Way of LaMASKA, NQ (Imp)  I  Owned by M Burger


14th place: GC Grand Sphynx Onyx of Nakit (Imp)  I  Owned by K Hoole


15th place: SC Tres Jolie Moët  I  Owned by C Danziger and D Viviers


16th place: TSC *PL Amibial Sun Boy of Swagger Coons (Imp)  I  Owned by S and N Prinsloo


17th place: SP L’Exquisite Rtoo Dtoo of Tres Jolie  I  Owned by C Danziger and D Viviers


18th place: TGC GeeDee Versuvius of Shangri-La, NQ  I  Owned by V Wright


19th place: TSC William Strieborna Ruza of El'Vee (Imp)  I  Owned by L Venter


20th place: TGC Asia Fauve Kimba of Seboga (Imp)  I  Owned M Fourie

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