2015 Top 10 Females

COTY 2015

© Theresa Fouché 2015

11th place: TSC Swagger Coon's My Lady My Soul  I  Owned by S and N Prinsloo


12th place: SC Rock'n Purr Just Like Heaven, NQ  I  Owned by L van Aarde


13th place: DSC ShakesPURR's The World's Mine Oyster  I  Owned by H Röhrs


14th place: DGC El’Vee Ti-Amo of L’Exquisite  I  Owned by B Neukircher


15th place: DSC The Catwalk Beauty Queen  I  Owned by S Marsh


16th place: TSC Mokee Clover of Westwood, NQ  I  Owned by G Nel


17th place: TGC Praslin Femme La Passion of Awesome Bengals (Imp)  I  Owned by L Kennard


18th place: TSC The Catwalk Bette Davis  I  Owned by S Marsh


19th place: SC Li & Lo Tessomi  I  Owned by E Bekker


20th place: SC Neva's Mystery Golubushka of Artekatz (Imp)  I  Owned by C Powell

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