2017 Top 10 Neuters

COTY 2017

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11th place: Sherada Es Petty Thief  I  Owned by J May

12th place: Esperanza Blue  I  Owned by M Köhn

13th place: Spandau Domino Dancer  I  Owned by W Hyman

14th place: Kisamee Desert Storm of Feline Magic  I  Owned by J & F Bala


15th place: Isis Malachite Pebbles  I  Owned by C-A Paterson

16th place: Carmandale Heavenly's Sienna  I  Owned by S Armand & A Nortman

17th place: Kisamee Kingpin Knockout, NQ  I  Owned by R Smith


18th place: Trés Jolie Chandon  I  Owned by  C Danziger

19th place: Isis Black Shadow  I  Owned by C-A Paterson

20th place: LaMASKA Penguin Cobblepot  I  Owned by PC & H Bekker

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