2017 Top 10 Kittens

COTY 2017

© Ronnie Magic 2017

11th place: Chatterie Des Sorcieres Mephisto *Be of Crescendo  I  Owned by B Smullen

12th place: Kioko Amberle  I  Owned by N Barratt

13th place: Westwood Oreo  I  Owned by G Nel

14th place: Carmandale Spice  I  Owned by S Armand & A Nortman


15th place:  Wentworthz Aurora of Geedee  I  Owned by A Caw

16th place: Trés Jolie Fabergé  I  Owned by C Danziger

17th place:  Acushla Lucky Luke  I  Owned by S Lotra


18th place: Yenta Ayshire  I  Owned by G Bala

19th place: Kioko Selene  I  Owned by N Barratt

20th place: Jaeger Cats Batsheva of Purrfectness  I  Owned by A-L Bredenkamp

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